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"So I got my oracle reading from this lovely woman on yesterday, and I have to say that the answers and confirmation I received have prepared me with a clear vision on how to move forward this upcoming personal new year! She is really gifted and I soooo appreciate her sharing her gifts with me. Her interpretation of the cards is unlike any other I've encountered. 
If you need to get in tune with your inner wild woman and remember that fearless little girl who had dreams larger than life and that she is still in there waiting for you to introduce her to the world, she is the woman you need to see! She'll get you right! Thank you Ifasayo Wildwomendoastheyplease Egunjobi for your wild woman-ness and for helping me tap back into mine! You ROCK!"
LoRetta Fiery Osafunmike Blu
Singer & Artist


"I hadn’t had any type of reading in over a year. I am really very sensitive to energy and though I know of and have access to quite a few psychics and intuitives, I had yet to find one recently that I felt was capable of reaching what I needed. Then I met Ifasayo Egunjobi, after watching her on a few periscope episodes, and reading her words on Facebook, I knew that she would be able to help. So I went onto and ordered a reading. She responded within a day, pulled my cards and then we had a video chat. She was compassionate, completely authentic, absolutely honest and I could feel her energy radiating. She sent me clear photos of the cards she pulled and also gave me detailed explanations of what they meant to me. Everything was right on point. I had been questioning the next moves for my entrepreneurial endeavors and she reached pulled out EXACTLY what I needed, without me really even delving into what i was heading toward. I am so thankful. Ifasayo is so wise and her spirit has forever resonated with mine. This has been THE most detailed and beautifully rounded readings I’ve ever received.  Your guidance and intuition changed the course of my career and life. that's not a light feat. Ifasayo, you’ve gained a lifelong client (and sister)! <3"

Oya Woodruff

Chef and Master Baker


"Thank you so much Ifasayo Morenike Egunjobi. You have such a natural  gift of seeing the potential and setting the plans to make it a reality. Your consultations are priceless!"
Omitola Ogunsina

Owner, Creator, Herbalist, Educator, & Womb Healer at Divine Waters Womb Wellness

"When I first came to Wild Women Do As They Please I lacked self-love and inner peace. Ifasayo  challenged me to first commit to myself then I could reach my goals. I am better mentally, physically and spiritually because of Ifasayo. If you plant seeds the earth will give you a beautiful garden in return. Likewise, Wild Women Do As They Please will help you reach your goals and guide you into making permanent life changes by holding you accountable and challenging you to step outside your comfort zone and reach your full potential."   

Xiomara Tucker

Owner~Zegan Treats



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