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About  Us

Wild Women Do As They Please exists, because from our entrance into the world until we take our last breath  various entities seek to control, tame, and police  our bodies, minds, and spirits. Everything from our speech to our physical manifestation and expression is judged.  Eventually for many of us our light becomes more and more dim. Eventually it is almost impossible to see...but don't be fooled. That divine spark can NEVER be extinguished. NEVER. I am the bringer of light. The one that has been put here to blow the ember, to add the kindling, and to assist you in stoking your internal light until it burns so bright that it can't be denied. 

Wild Women Do As They Please is in place to  help you remember who you were before "they" tried to tame you.  Sit with your legs open,  go braless, climb a tree, dance  wildly or sensually, or do none of these things...because you get to do whatever you want as long as it's wild and free!!!

Autonomy is one of my favorite words. Here at, Wild Women Do As They Please, we seek to reacquaint you with  that word.  To be autonomous means to be self governing. That means that you will want   to explore all of the "shoulds",  "shouldn'ts",  "can'ts", etc.  

I can help you with that. Come get wild with me!!!

Just did a short live in the #WWDATPSeas

Being a woman is not about being either/or. It's about embracing ALL of it. Further, I don't have to carry shame or guilt about any of it. I grew up with people telling me everything I wasn't, and everything I should be according to them, the church, and tradition. I am both temptress and mother, hustler and homemaker, lover and fighter, heaven and earth. I am all of these at once. The ONLY thing I am not, is sorry about is being who I have become.

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