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Yoga means "union". The link of breath and movement is the simplest way to describe it. There are many "types" of yoga, but what we will tailor each class to the needs of the students in order to make each session unique to both the group and the individuals in the group. This is YOUR practice. I am only here to guide you through this beautiful journey.  

​60 min

This traditional form of yoga builds heat internally through movement and a specific breathing technique. You will build long lean muscle while gaining flexibility by being taken through a variety of poses while returning periodically to the “home positions” that make up a vinyasa sequence.

​120 min 

This 2 hour yoga practice is all about comfort and the use of props to help you find your highest level of comfort. In this class you will relax into postures for 5-10 minutes at a time in a heated environment. Support is the core idea of this yoga class.

​60 min
Call for Availability

Are you kind of nervous about beginning your yoga practice? Well why not come with a friend? Don’t have one? Come to this practice and make a new one. We will begin with some vinyasa flow to warm up and then we will partner up for some fun yoga. 

Private Yoga
​60 min
Call for Availability

Private yoga is perfect for those that are new to yoga, nervous about being in a group setting, have special needs, or just to get some one on one assistance with your practice. Sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs and if desired you will receive suggestions on ways to practice at home. These sesstions are available on Skype or Google Hangout. 

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