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Books I loved reading, challenged me, and lead me to freedom!!!


I love reading!!! My mother worked in the library for almost 40 years, and my love of books is very much a reflection of seeing her be an avid reader and having the opportunity to spend so much time there. My love has continued over the years and will continue as long as I draw breath. 

During my journey I have come across many great books that have allowed me to grow. Some I've read cover to cover, and some I have gleaned from over the years bit by bit. Below you will find a list of books that have changed my life in some way shape or form.

  1. Celestine Prophecy series (f)

  2. Celestine Vision (nf)

  3. The Shack (f)

  4. Blood Burning Moon (f)

  5. Moon Magic (nf)

  6. The Book of Chakra Healing (nf)

  7. Women Who Run With The Wolves (nf)

  8. Whatz In Your Womb? (nf)

  9. Inner Peace (nf)

  10. Seven Life Lessons of Chaos (nf)

  11. Jambalaya The Natural Woman's Book (nf)

  12. Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion Orisa Worship (nf)

  13. West African Folk Tales (f)

  14. Our Mothers, Our Powers, Our Text (nf)

  15. Earth Magic (nf)

  16. Ona Agbani: The Ancient Path (nf)

  17. S'otito-Be Truth (nf)

  18. Raising Revolutionaries (nf)

  19. The Continuum Concept (nf)

  20. Pagan Christianity

  21. Sticks and Stones Roots and Bones

  22. Spiritual Nutrition

  23. Four Seasons of Mojo

  24. Sticks and Stones, Roots, and Bones

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