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In these hands-on interactive gatherings you will practice new skills together under the watchful eye of the facilitator. Although you will have a framework to begin with the outcome will be unique to each individual making the collective result that more more unique. No two workshops will be the same.  


If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together. ~African Proverb

Sistas Love Yoselves

In tIhis workshop we will learn why self love is the first and foundational love. This will always include an artistic component, wombcentric yoga or bellydance, creating self love mantras, and journaling. You will learn how to love yourself if very simple and practical ways that you can carry into your daily life. Are you ready for your healing to begin? All supplies will be included. 4-5 hour Workshop

  • $50 

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Personal Cleansing

We are all made up of energy. Most spiritual systems speak of some type of energy exchange. Sometimes it may refer to the laying on of hands for healing or deliverance, Reiki, or even something as simple as hugging. We are constantly exchanging energy with those around us through touch or even by just sharing the same space. Sometimes we pick up undesirable energy. This class will teach you how to regain your energetic balance through many different, but easy methods.

  • Kit included: $25

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House Blessing/Cleansing

Have you ever cleaned your house and still had a heavy or unsettled feeling? Have you ever had unpleasant company and felt as if they’d left some of their energy behind? I think we’ve all felt this way a time or two. When a good cleaning isn’t enough you need to consider cleansing your space instead.

  • Kit included: $50

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Seasonal Depression Prevention
Many of us stuggle seasonal depression, including myself. This playshop is designed to assist us in staying connected, gaining tools to cope in the colder darker seasons. We will meet online and in person monthly. September 22- March 20th
$40 per person per season

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Any of these playshops can be held at a location that is more convenient for you withing the Charlotte, North Carolina area for no extra cost. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Travel expenses and housing must be covered if more than 1 hour away.
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