You can't do yoga? Are you sure about that?

Greetings and salutations.

I am so glad you are here.

I'll just jump right in. When people find out that I am a yoga teacher, they often respond by telling me all the reasons that they can't do yoga. In all honesty, most times I'm not telling them in order to get them to one of my classes, I'm just proud of my most recent accomplishment. When they bring it up, I do enjoy sharing with them all of the reasons that they can in fact do yoga.

I'm too fat:

I thought that same thing. Sometimes I've had to rearrange a roll or three. I used all kinds of props to get into whatever posture I want to attempt. The truth of it is that yoga should be adapted to ANY body type. Is your booty too big to lay flat on your back? Nope, we'll just put a bolster or pillows in place to support you. Is your stomach in the way when you sit down and try to reach your toes? We use straps for that. The most important thing in yoga is also the most important thing in life. Show up. I mean all of you. Just show up, and let your open mind do the rest.

I can't do all that meditating stuff:

If can breathe, you can meditate. In truth, the true meditation comes at the end of the practice. The reason for that is that by the time you have used all of that excess energy, cleared your mind and body by moving through the various postures, you will find that you are more calm that you have been in a very long time. You will find that final posture/meditation an absolute pleasure.

I'm too stiff:

Whelp, that's why we're here my dear. We live in a very sedentary culture. We just don't move around a lot in a daily lives. Unless a person makes a conscious decision to stretch they will become stiff. Yoga is a WONDERFUL way to gently stretch all of those tight muscles. The fear of excrutiating pain is not an issue, because we will stretch slowly and gentle. We will also adapt to any limitations you may have.

I'm too old:

Yoga as been the fountain of youth for me. I don't wake up as stiff as I use to, I have more energy, and I am MUCH stronger. It's NEVER to late to start a yoga practice.

I'm too busy for a full class:

I was too. That's why I learned to take some postures that were especially useful to me, and did them at home and throughout the day. Because of my small class sizes, I will be able to give you plenty of yoga "homework".

I'm not strong enough:

You will be. When you learn how to do the postures properly you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger with each practice. I can do postures now that I couldn't even get close to doing before. Strength starts from the inside out.

I'm scared:

I was absolutely petrified when I went to my first class. You are in luck, because my classes are small and personal. Most of my clients are also beginners, because I began this journey with the intention of INTRODUCING yoga to those that hadn't been exposed to it. I'm relatively new to yoga myself so I'm not super bendy, skinny, or any of that other imagined perfection. I am literally just like you. We can challenge our imperfectly perfect bodies together.