Standing with intention

My yoga teacher, Leslie Arboleda of Bring The Mat 2 U, told us once that the way you do something is the way you do everything.

Standing is something that we all do, but very rarely do we do it with intention. Most of the time we just do enough to keep ourselves upright. In yoga there are quite a few standing poses. Some can be done just by stacking your bones, and some are held by pure intention. The latter requires your mind, body, and breath to be in total agreement. It requires you to use your whole self.

We should do everything in life with our "whole selves". When standing in line waiting to pay for your lunch, get your drivers license renewed or whatever try these simple changes and see how you feel.

  1. Evenly distribute your weight on both feet.

  2. Utilize the bottom of your entire foot.

  3. If you are a toocher (sway back) tuck your pelvis in some.

  4. If you are a tucker, follow step 6.

  5. Bring your navel toward your spine a little.

  6. Bring your shoulder blade together a little.

  7. ​Bring your gaze straight ahead.

Just try it. Pay attention to how you look, feel, and are received by others. You just opened yourself to the world and all of the possibilities.

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